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The Worker or the Office?

Many times when a worker contacts his or her company in order to report that he or she is sick, his superiors probably think that it is a mater not connected to the company and not connected to the building the worker spends his working hours in. Rather, they believe it is an temporary illness caused by numerous external factors. However, one will be quite surprised to find out what researches have shown. Stunningly, most of the medical conditions developed in a worker are directly caused by inadequate and unhygienic conditions in the office itself. The fact, that almost all workers eat inside their offices, sneeze and cough without covering their faces and even clip nails while sitting in their business chairs, makes this terrible claim even more severe.

Who is to Be Blamed?

Along with all the negative hygienic factors mentioned above, many different statistics and queries have shown that many business colleagues have seen their peers walking out of the toilet without washing their hands. However, not only workers are responsible for their misconduct. Rather, employers and the management tend to try to save money by increasing working hours, pressing their staff into tiny cubicles confining them daily, and not taking care of the overall hygiene of the office. Therefore, with no one to take out the trash, clean the toilets and the office itself, it is not so difficult to understand why workers themselves refuse to make an effort. All in all, you cannot wash your hands properly if there is no soap in the restroom. The worker needs to feel comfortable in his or her office in order to reach the peak of his or her productivity, and his superior is supposed to enable this kind of an environment. Finally, it has been proven that every worker, besides claiming that he or she would work better if better conditions were provided, gets sick at least once a year, blaming the office for that. Combined with distrust regarding their cleaning team and its management, there is truly room for change in the office worker's atmosphere.

Useful Pieces of Advice

Taking into consideration that women and especially men lack hygienic discipline, here are several tips on how to make your working area more pleasant and healthy.

First of all, before you spread all those germs around by wiping the area with a dry piece of cloth, stop. Rather, make sure you are using some antibacterial cleaning product since otherwise you will be doing more harm than good. It needs no further emphasis that washing your hands is a must, as well as regular doorknob and phone cleaning and disinfecting. Finally, avoid eating in your office and, if you enjoy drinking something while you work, make sure you use a cup which is hard to be spilled.

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