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A nice smile can make the world go around. Teeth were never a big concern for most people, but nowadays the view is quite the opposite. People want white, straight, healthy teeth and will go to all sorts of lengths to accomplish this. Some people will even pay thousands upon thousands to have veneers put in.

However if you take the proper care of your teeth and gums and follow the instructions below from an early age then the chances of you having to go to the extent of paying thousands is limited.

Rule Number One- Brush Regularly and Floss Regularly

The main rule to abide by is brush your teeth properly and regularly, this means brush your teeth two to three times per day and preferably after a meal. So after breakfast, lunch and before you go to bed, you can even use a fluoride product on your teeth in the night to help you prevent unwanted cavities in your teeth. You don’t want your tooth brush to have hard bristles as this will hurt your gums and may encourage them to reseed and also it can contribute to thinning your teeth enamel making them sensitive and more prone to cavities.

Buy a brush middle of the range, not too soft and not too hard. Brush your teeth for at least one to two minutes, working the brush in circular movements and follow a brushing routine so as to ensure you get every nook and cranny. Sometimes by brushing you still won’t get in the gaps in between your teeth so you will need to floss your teeth to get rid of the food particles that build up and if you don’t then these small pieces of food will start to really smell and rot causing all sorts of havoc.

Rule Number Two - Use the Fluoride Rinse Technique

By using a fluoride rinse you will strengthen your enamel and also stop any decay. Simply measure out one eighth of an ounce and add water up to the mark which says 1.fl.oz. Now use half of the mix to rinse your mouth out. Obviously don’t swallow the mixture and you can do this one or two times a day.

Rule Number Three - Stay Away from Soda Drinks

The third rule is to avoid soda drinks. Basically, they have acids in them which will inevitably damage your teeth by corrosion. It is ok now and then but they are so addictive so be careful. Really you should try to stick to water and juices which actually help to strengthen your teeth.

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