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Are you pregnant, and notice bleeding, swollen and painful gums every time you brush your teeth? Perhaps your gums are bleeding and sensitive even when you are not brushing or flossing at that time? Unfortunately, bleeding gums are more common during pregnancy.

But they should always be taken seriously, not in the least because some oral diseases, like periodontal disease, are linked to premature labor. What can you do about bleeding gums during pregnancy?

The treatment of bleeding gums is not always straightforward, and sometimes counter-intuitive. When you notice bleeding, you first reaction might be not to brush your teeth to allow the gums to heal. But with bleeding gums, it is extremely important to keep on brushing and taking care of your teeth regularly.

While you should never use dental floss when you are suffering from bleeding gums, but inter-dental brushes and water picks can cure the current problems you are experiencing, and prevent your dental issues from getting worse. When you have bleeding gums in pregnancy,


Brush your teeth thoroughly with a soft brush Use a mouth rinse without alcohol to kill of bacteria Eat a healthy diet Avoid stress and smoking, but that goes without saying in pregnancy Have regular dental appointments, even to just clean your teeth

And don't:

Take painkillers for sensitive teeth without consulting your doctor Floss, brush with a hard brush, or use an electric tooth brush this could make your problems worse Have x-rays performed for dental purpose

On the whole, bleeding gums are not a serious problem. They are caused by pregnancy hormones, and an increased blood-flow in your body. Bleeding gums should return back to normal soon after you give birth. If you would like to know more about other dental problems during pregnancy, we also wrote about going to the dentist while pregnant. Also see, how to cure pregnancy gingivitis. If you'd like to share your thoughts and experiences of bleeding gums in pregnancy, your comments are very welcome!

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