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Dental Health Is Crucial

Our teeth are very important to us,even though most of us are completely unaware of this fact. First,people who do not know us, must rely upon our aesthetic factors inorder to get visually acquainted with us. Thus, if we have rottingand unhealthy teeth, being discolored and looking extremelyunattractive, we will be unattractive as well. Moreover, we use ourteeth for chewing food, speaking and doing many other actions.Thereby, if our teeth deteriorate, all the capabilities they enableus will be gone.

Our teeth consist of more than onelayer. In fact they have four different, protective layers.Nevertheless, the outer one, the enamel is the strongest and the mostresistant layer. However, it is still a mineral structure and is,thus, affected by acids greatly. Subsequently, poor dental hygieneleads to enamel damage, and to further teeth rotting afterwards. Oncethis strong outer layer is destroyed, it can never be formed againand our teeth rot faster once enamel is gone.

All in all, our teeth are veryimportant to us and we need to know what causes their deteriorationin order to stop it timely and prevent any grim outcomes.

Reasons Behind Teeth Rotting

The main cause of many dental problemsregarding decrease of teeth quality, are the bacteria inside ourmouth. Namely, our oral cavity if full of different bacteria, eachserving a purpose. These bacteria feed on the things we eat,producing acids during the process. Often, these microorganisms placetheir acidic productions upon our teeth they cause plaque to appear. Ifnot removed by brushing and proper dental care, this plaque hardensand destroys the outer layer of our teeth, advancing further into ourdental decay. Thus, rotten teeth are a clear sign of neglect since bybrushing your teeth after every meal, or at least two times a day,flossing or using mouthwashes regularly, you are bound to ensurehealthy and strong teeth.

Bad oral health may cause bacteria toenter your bloodstream through the holes in your teeth and possiblytrigger heart attacks and many other health problems. Furthermore,rotting teeth smell awful and cause bad breath.

What Can Be Done?

Prevention is the best cure and properdental hygiene is crucial. That being said, brush your teethregularly, floss, rinse and use mouthwashes. This way your teeth arebound to look beautiful and be healthy. Visit your dentist often inorder to react timely in case of any tooth decay you mightexperience. If you are too late and the bacterial damage issignificant, your dentist will have to fill your cavities and removesome parts of your teeth. Take good care of your dental healthbeforehand and avoid all these unpleasantness.

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