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Blood carries oxygen, which all cells in the organism require to operate, throughout the body. It also carries nutrients for all the cells. All metabolic waste from the normal physiological processes in the cells goes to blood.It is the function of kidneys to purify blood, that is, to remove metabolic waste and from the blood and normal operation of the kidneys is of the utmost importance for the overall state of the organism.

Kidney infections (most commonly caused by bacteria known as Escherichia coli) both hamper normal operation of kidneys and can enter blood and cause further complications. Women are more prone to kidney infections.

Symptoms of kidney infection

If you feel fatigued, have fever or chills, need to urinate frequently and experience burning pain while urinating, and if your kidneys (lower back area just under the lowest rib, near to spine) are painful or sensitive to touch, you probably have a kidney infection.


Kidney infections are serious matter as they may spread to other organs, or cause permanent kidney damage. Consult a nephrologist if you have kidney infection. It may be the case that you are allergic to prescribed medications and may need to rely on natural remedies. Or, you can use natural remedies to further help fighting kidney infection and related discomfort.

Precautionary measures

Better safe than sorry - try to incorporate this into your lifestyle to reduce risk of kidney infections:Avoid taking a bath in a bath tub, or avoid bubble baths, as these allow bacteria to get in your urinary tract easily. Clean the area around the genitals after you use the toilet by wiping front to back. Wiping back to front brings bacteria closer to the entrance to the urinary channel. Comfortable underwear made of cotton is better than thongs, as thongs form a wet, sweaty line from anus to the urethra, ideal for bacterial growth and spread. Also avoid synthetic and tight underwear, and avoid holding back urine and cleaning your genitals before and after sexual intercourse.


Bacteria do not like increased acidity in your body, which can be used to cure kidney infections. Cranberry juice (pure, unsweetened) and tablets and juniper fruits rise body acidity. Natural acid-base balance of the urine can be restored by adding baking soda to drinking water. Foods rich with vitamins A and C increase cell resistance against bacteria and boost immune system.

Urinary tract is cleansed by increased flow. Drinking plenty of water means it will be cleansed more.A heating pad over the sensitive area can relieve pain.

Buchu, cleavers, couch grass, burdock, alfalfa and dandelion help to detoxify the body and increase urine flow, or enhance kidney function.

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