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Facts about Formaldehyde

First of all, formaldehyde is achemical widely used in our modern world. It is found in car exhaust gases andin many products we face daily. It is produced through catalytic oxidation ofmethanol. This substance, in its original form is a gas, even though it may bemodified and combined with other chemicals in order to become either in liquidor in solid form. This gas is also present in forest fires, tobacco smoke andother, and commonly seen gasses.

Usage of Formaldehyde

This chemical is crucial in thewood industry, since it is one of the main ingredients in the production ofpressed wood. Apart from that, formaldehyde is one of the basic ingredients ofmany chemical products including glue, dye, plastic, paint etc. Also, it isfound in cosmetic products like shampoos, detergents and other, similar itemsfrom mouthwashes all the way to carpet cleaners. All in all, formaldehyde iseverywhere, more or less. Taking this into consideration, constant use of thischemical has led to its presence in the air we breathe, even the atmosphereitself. Although we cannot be influenced by this gas found in our air, sincethe levels of it are simply too low, people who work in factories dealing withformaldehyde can easily inhale larger quantities of this gas, potentiallyrisking their health.

Negative Sides of FormaldehydeExposure

You can get this gas inside yourorganism either by breathing it in along with the air, or by absorbing itthrough your skin. Both ways, too much formaldehyde in your system may causeyou numerous health problems, some more serious than the others. It affectsmoist body tissues, as well as our skin, eyes, mouth and respiratory system.

Its effect on a person variesfrom one individual to another. Logically, people with stronger immune systemswill be less affected. Firstly, upon minor exposure to formaldehyde, comesirritation of the eyes, respiratory organs, and skin. Next, once exposed toslightly larger concentrations, you may cough, feel burning in your eyes andskin and suffer from some similar hardships. Finally, inhaling largeconcentrations of formaldehyde may lead to chest pain, heart and problems and,eventually, death.

Alternatively, long-termexposures to this chemical can lead to numerous health complications which candevelop in the long run as well. Therefore, those whose line of work involves formaldehydeexposure may develop cancer, malignant cells appearing in their bodies etc.Moreover, some people may be allergic and develop instant reactions when incontact with this chemical, needing immediate medical assistance. All in all,formaldehyde is dangerous, so be careful whenever near it.

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