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PMS and Menstrual Problems

The past times were really unfriendly for the women and the"female problems" like menopause and PMS. They had nobodyto talk to about these issues, which is nothing like the present time when everyissue and problem can be discussed with someone. The following text will focuson the Estrosym XR, which is a solution for the problem of menopause, knownas a cause of many problems for a woman. There is another solution for the menopause problem and that is HRT, or thehormone replacement therapy, but there are several problems with this kind oftreatment. The dangers to which woman are exposed during this treatment have been discovered by a well known OBGYN named Dr. Kalyani Kumar. She found outthat this treatment can increase the chances of breast cancer.The solution for the problem, according to the Dr. Kumar, can be found in thesafer and natural remedies. Menopausal troubles and premenstrual symptoms aretreated around the world with natural remedies and the task Dr. Kumar took wasto learn as much as possible about them.

Estrosym XR

So there are many items that have been used for treatinginsomnia, bloating, cramping, mood swings, hot flashes and other problems associatedwith the hormonal changes, and these can be found in the Estrosym XR.There are ingredients like soy, whose isoflavones can treat problems such ashot flashes and others, which are very popular in China in the treatment of this kind ofproblem. Estrosym XR also has a wild yam ingredient, which is like a hormone and cancure many problems caused by the hormonal changes. Even birth control pillswere developed on the basis of wild yam. Additional power will be given by theMaca Root. Estrosym XR has black cohosh, which is very popular for its supportto the reproductive health and relief of the problems caused by the menopause andPMS. Estrosym XR has one attractive plant called red clover, which will be veryeffective against hot flashes. Clinical researches and feedback from the womanwho used this product have confirmed its effect. So you can see that naturalsolutions, like the Estrosym XR, are much better than the artificial options.Before you start using the remedy, you might want to consult your doctor. It isalso important to say that there is a money back guarantee associated with thisproduct. Estrosym XR is an effective solution for problems caused by menopauseand PMS and should be considered ahead of artificial medications that areconnected with many risks. To summarize, Estrosym XR was developed by the Dr. Kumar who included manyremedies know throughout the world for their beneficial effects on themenopausal and PMS troubles. This is a natural remedy, which will treatmenstrual cramps and hot flashes. Hormones taken from the plants and included inthe remedy are soy and wild yam isoflavones. They will help with the hormonalchanges. Also, hot flashes will be taken care of by the red clover, which can also be found inthe Estrosym XR.

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