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Information on Mangosteen

Mangosteen is a certain type of fruit which has always beenassociated with the methods of traditional medicine which originate fromcertain Asian countries. Mangosteen is not connected to mango in any way and itgrows on evergreen trees. It originates from the southeast region of Asia.

Mangosteenbears the botanical name of garcinia mangostana as it belongs to the genus ofGarcinia. When ripe, mangosteen can be recognized by a characteristic purplecolour. Mangosteen fruit is usually about the size of a tennis ball and itsrind is not edible at all. The inner, wedged segments are its edible portionsand they are white.

The seed is usually contained in the largest wedged ediblesegment. Mangosteen flavor is very special as it combines sweetness with just alittle touch of sourness. It is usually purchased for its numerous differenthealth benefits.

Health Benefits of Mangosteen

Different parts of the mangosteen plant and its fruit havebeen used for ages in the traditional medicine of certain Asian countries. Theinedible rind can be dried to make powder which is very potent as a remedy fordysentery.

The mangosteen rind paste can also come in very handy when it comesto the treatment of eczema and numerous other skin disorders and ailments. Therind can also be used to make a decoction which is very good for those whosuffer from diarrhea. A decoction made of mangosteen roots can be of great helpfor the patients who suffer from menstrual irregularities.

Different variationsof mangosteen decoctions can be very efficient in the treatment of certainmedical conditions such as thrush, fever and different urinary disorders.Mangosteen is very rich in different precious nutrients and it also has potentantioxidant properties. It can be very helpful in lowering the risk ofdifferent types of diseases. Alpha mangostin and gamma mangostin are the twochemical substances which are responsible for mangosteen’s antioxidant properties.

These two substances provide the mangosteenwith strong antiviral, anti-inflammatory, anti fungal and antibioticproperties. Because of them, mangosteen can be used for the prevention andtreatment of numerous different medical conditions such as cardiovascular problems,pain, arthritis, fever, cancer, diarrhea, osteoporosis, ulcers, high bloodpressure, allergic reactions, atherosclerosis, skin diseases, kidney stones,obesity, cataract, aging, glaucoma, depression, and neuralgia.

Unfortunately,most benefits of mangosteen come from its inedible part, the rind. That is whythe production of mangosteen juice involves the extraction of the whole fruit.

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