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Navy beans are a kind of white-seeded beans which are usually consumed in a dry form, but can also be consumed while they are still green. They have a long and interesting history and they are also proven to have quite a beneficial effect to one’s health.

Beneficial effect of navy beans to one’s health

First of all, navy beans have a positive effect on the digestive system. Thanks to the amount of dietary fiber they contain which is good with regulating bowel movements and thereby preventing constipation, but also for any kind of disorders associated with digestion such as irritable bowel syndrome or diverticulosis, a condition which causes small protrusions from the large intestine.

The dietary fiber, along with magnesium and folate, is also good for decreasing the risk of heart problems, especially heart attacks, strokes or a peripheral vascular disease which causes problems in the blood vessels outside the heart, as well as high cholesterol. It also helps keep levels of sugar in the blood in good balance and that way it regulates one’s diabetes, insulin resistance and low blood sugar, or the so-calledhypoglycemia.

Navy beans are also enriched with the kind of positive carbohydrates which provide one’s brain and muscles with a lot of energy and vigor, but at the same time, they do not cause one to gain weight. This is because they are completely devoid of fat and calories. This fact and the amount of iron they contain makes them very beneficial for women during their period, pregnancy or while they’re breast-feeding, as well as for children.

The consumption of navy beans is also recommended in the long run, as the persons who eat navy beans are considerably less likely to suffer from senility or Alzheimer’s disease in their old age.

Navy beans also improve one’s general health and deal with issues such as exhaustion and weariness by relaxing the muscles, migraines and strong headaches and inflexible, stiff blood vessels, ligaments and joints.

Dangers of navy beans

One thing that is important to remember about navy beans is not to eat them uncooked because raw navy beans can provoke certain illnesses.

Also, people with purine-related problems, that is to say, problems which are based in the DNA and include gout and kidney stones, should also make sure to stay away from navy beans as they can only worsen their symptoms and deteriorate their health.

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