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Honeydew melon is very tasty and healthy fruit and it is great to eat it instead of desserts. Honeydew melon can be in green or orange color.

Honeydew melon is rich in vitamin C which is very important antioxidant. Therefore it improves firmness of skin by strengthening of collagen (protein from our skin). If consumed regularly it can keep your skin young and fresh. It is also great immunity booster and can help in prevention of cold and flu. Vitamin C from honeydew melon can help in absorption of iron too. Only a single cup of honeydew melon will provide you with half of the recommended dose of vitamin C.

Another important vitamins and minerals from honeydew melon are copper and B vitamins.

Honeydew melon has a big percentage of water. For that very reason it keeps our bodies hydrated. It is excellent option for a hot summer day.

Further on honey dew melon is excellent source of potassium and thus it helps regulating blood pressure. It is known to lower high blood pressure. Potassium is very important mineral for our entire body.

Honeydew melon is low on calories and has no fat or cholesterols, so it is recommended to consume it instead of desserts if you want to lose weight in natural way. However it contains 14 grams of natural sugar per cup so it should not be eaten too much.

Another substance that honeydew melon is rich in is folate and therefore it improves cardiovascular system and prevents heart diseases. Folate is essential for proper brain function. If one is low in folate they have more chances to develop Alzheimer’s disease. Folate is especially important vitamin for pregnant women. Having enough of folate will keep your baby healthy and will help your baby develop well.

New researches show that honeydew melon can help in prevention of diabetes and also some types of cancer.

Honeydew melon can be consumed in different ways. The easiest is to chop it into cubes and mix with other fruit to make healthy fruit salad. Another way of eating it is on a stick. Children adore this way of eating melon. In this way children will enjoy honeydew melon and will not eat chocolate for dessert.

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