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How to Use Red Peppers

Red peppers are a variation of green peppers. They are sweeter and riper than the green ones. Good in spicing up your cooking, are also very good for your health.

Studies have proven that most red peppers contain more nutritive ingredients than the green peppers. Those vegetables can be cooked or used raw. Sliced or whole, fried, roasted or stir-fried, they could be used in many different dishes. Raw red peppers are commonly used in the salads, salsas and sauces. If you want to conserve red peppers, just dry them, make pickles or put them in a freezer.

Health Benefits of Red PeppersRed Peppers can fight cancer. Red peppers are known to be full of anti-cancer substances, like lycopene (carotenoid). It is said to help in fight against the prostate cancer, as well as pancreas, bladder and cervix cancers, too. Another carotenoid found in red peppers, called beta-cryptoxanthin, has shown some potential as anti-cancerous medication for lung cancer treatment. Red peppers are rich in antioxidants, lowering the risk and preventing many heart conditions.Peppers, especially red peppers, may help you to reduce body weight. These vegetables are believed to possess certain substances which help to lose weight, by increasing body temperature and the body's need for oxygen.Red peppers are a great source of many necessary vitamins. Vitamin A, present in the peppers, is good for the eyes, improving the vision. It also affects cells in the body, bones,immune system and skin condition . Vitamin B complex is necessary for normal brain functioning. It affects metabolism of a body and assists in the process of converting proteins to energy. These vitamins help our immune system, and could ease the symptoms connected to stress or different illnesses.Vitamin E prevents cell damage, fighting heart problems and potential cancer.Half a cup of sliced sweet red pepper contains 87mg of vitamin C, which is actually more than your body needs. (Recommended Dietary Allowance or RDA for vitamin C is about 60mg per day for an adult). This vitamin boostis our immune system, helping it to prevent infections and cancers. Taking enough of vitamin C helps your body to absorb more iron from the food.This vegetable is a great source of potassium (calium), helping to maintain electrolyte balance and reducing the risk of stroke.Folate acid, present in red peppers is important substance for our brain and necessary for the synthesis of red blood cells. Decrease of folat acid is known to cause anemia. Folate acid is important for unborn babies. Enough of this acid prevents possible birth problems. Many pregnant women are advised to take folat acid before conceiving and during their pregnancy.

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