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Tulsi, tulasi, Ocimum tenuiflorum, or Ocimum sanctum – it allpoints to a plant from Lamiaceae family, used for the medicinal and religious purposesor as the aromatic herb.

Some say that tulsi is the best plant ever for medicinaluse. This plant is used in treating many different disorders, including asthma, lung andheart problems, stress and teeth and skin problems. It is useful as antibacterial,antifungal and antiviral preparation, and treats protozoa infections as well. Somestudies show that tulsi affect HIV and cancers.

Tulsi Benefits

Skin Care

Tulsi leaves,tulsi leaves paste or tulsi soaked in water are considered to cure all skinproblems. It is also a good repelant, which keeps mosquitoes away from you.

Oral and Dental Problems

Tulsi destroysbacteria and prevents cavities, bad breath and plaque. It could be potentiallyused to treat periodontaldisease. Avoid chewing the tulsi leaves, for they might damageyour teeth. This plant also refreshes your breath and eases present mouth sores.

Eye Disorders

Infectionof the eyes, stress and tiredness of the eyes are treated with water of soakedtulsi leaves. It is believed that this plant may prevent glaucoma, cataract andother eye problems, because of the antioxidant activity it possess.


Protozoa,bacteria or viral infections may cause fever. Tulsi protects the body from thesemicroorganisms, destroys them and heals the fever they have caused.


Tulsi containscamphene, vitamin C, potassium (calium) and other antioxidants. These componentstreat hypertension, decrease inflammation and positively affect stress.


Many substancesfound in tulsi are helpful to relieve all kinds of headaches, includingmigraine, sinus or hypertension headaches.


One componentof tulsi essential oil, called eugenol is proven helpful in lowering the amountof cholesterol in the blood.

Heart Problems

Antioxidantsfrom tulsi also benefit our heart.

Lung Issues

Camphene, cineole, eugenol and vitamin C, as the components of the tulsi, are responsiblefor the usage of this essential oil in lung infections. It is helpful in respiratoryproblems, tuberculosis and lung cancer treatments. Tulsi relievescongestion and ease the breathing in asthma, and also help to heal the causesof asthma attacks.

Kidney stones

Acetic acidand other components of the essential tulsi oil help to break down the kidneystones.

Anti-aging Effect

VitaminsA and C and the essential oil present in tulsi are valued antioxidants. They protectthe body from free radicals and therefore delay aging. Ayurveda texts also considerthis plant a youth tonic.

Other uses of this plant include variety of situations,like: radiation toxicity, gastroenteritis, arthritis, measles, cholera and pox.Sometimes, tulsi is used to prevent cold and cough, nausea, differentinfections and even to decrease the delivery pain. Thereare some claims that tulsi acts against all cancers.

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