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Ear pressure pain is the condition characteristic for the feeling of clogged ear canal. Patients usually suffer clogged ear canal and some accompanying stinging pain and in some cases even slight loss of hearing. Malfunction of the Eustachian tube is very likely to cause problems in the regulation of the ear pressure, leading to clogged feeling and pain in the ear. This happens because Eustachian tube is the structure responsible for maintaining of proper air pressure in the ear. Once something goes bad with the tube, a person experiences it as ear pressure pain.

This type of ear problem doesn’t have to be serious condition and may resolve on its own. However, some patients suffering from ear pressure pain or hearing loss will need treatment.

Causes of Ear Pressure Pain

Different factors may be connected with middle or inner ear pressure pain, but traveling in airplanes, infections of the ear(s), allergies and wax buildup are among the most common causes of this problem, as well as some sinus ear pressure in chronic sinusitis (chronic sinus infection). People taking the plane to some destination may experience ear pressure pain because of difference of air pressure between atmospheric pressure and the middle ear one. Eustachian tube may not respond quickly enough, eardrum doesn’t vibrate and the patient feels the pain and some muffled feeling.What Can You Do?

If you suffer from mild case of ear pressure pain try to resolve it with some home remedies. if this doesn’t work for you, or the pain is bad from the start, it’s best to visit your doctor and ask for his or her advice what to do.

Try to yawn, swallow or chew some gum when the plane takes off and you won’t feel so much pressure pain. Or, try to shut the nostrils and close the mouth at the same time. Then blow the air gently through your nose and this may help resolving your ear pressure pain or discomfort as well. Breathing the steam from the bath mat help relieving some ear pressure, as well as cloth soaked in some warm water, drained and placed on the ear which hurts.

Doctors commonly prescribe some antibiotics for middle ear infections and nasal sprays and decongestants for sinusitis. Antihistamines are found to be helpful for patients suffering from allergies, but if you are experiencing ear pressure pain due to ear wax buildup try products designed specifically for this purpose.

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