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Not quite perfect

As is the case withalmost all medications, with regards to their flaws and undesired side effects,so it is with the famous ACE inhibitors. These inhibitors are employed for thepurpose of contraction those muscles that surround the blood vessels. In addition,they are used in order to suppress the enzymes and decrease the overall productionof angiotensin II. The enzyme in question is also held responsible for theinduction of blood-vessels constriction, in a person in question.

The inhibitors referredto above, are known to have the ability to enlarge the overall blood-vessels contraction,and also decrease the otherwise high blood pressure, which is the most commonmanifestation of constriction. By maintaining a healthy blood pressure, suchconditions and illnesses as diabetes, stroke and various kidney related illnessescan be avoided to a great extent. Furthermore, those persons who have beenstruck by the peripheral arterial disease will most certainly find theseinhibitors helpful.

These specificinhibitors can be acquired either as a tablet or as a capsule, and can beemployed also as an intravenous injection or liquid, as well as in an oralmanner. Probably the best thing about them is a fairly good reaction time, i.e.effects are felt only after two hours.

Side effects

However, there is onehardly unnoticeable side effect, which tends to occur quite often – dry cough.And, unfortunately, female population is more prone to suffering from thismanifestation than the male population. As far as this side effect is concerned,it should be pointed out that it appears at the beginning of the medicationtherapy. Also, some people may experience extreme increase in potassium levelsand come down with one extremely severe and serious condition known as thehyperkalemia. Those people who suffer from any of the kidney related illnesses may also experience a downfall in the functioning of their kidneys, as well ascomplete kidney collapse. Additionally, considered as the most frequently occurringside effects are such as the occurrence of swelling affecting either mouth, the hands, or the feet and the face of the person in question. As a directconsequence of the already mentioned congestion, the affected persons are unable tobreathe and/or swallow in a proper manner. Other negative effects also includevomiting, pain in the chest, headaches, upset stomach, diarrhea, and one of themore severe ones - jaundice. But this one is considered to be extremely rare.

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