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Dr. Okuda who lived in Japan was the first men who explained the usage of transplanted hair to repair burned eyelashes and eyebrows. World War Two stopped him in this discovery. After twenty years of work Dr. Norman Orentreich made revolution in hair transplant surgery. He was the first man who wrote about transplation surgery and knew many things in the field of hair transplantation surgery in late 1959. Relocation of hair means using hair from the back of the head place where hair never stops growing, and putting it on the needed place.

Everyone who lost hair and has need for transplation can be operated. This is the case nowadays but in the past it was not the case.

The procedure of operating skills and procedures has been
upgraded so today we have single hair, micro, and mini
inserting of hear. The new and improved instrumentation as well as skills and knowledge made it possible to have a natural hair appearance for everyone. Hair transplantation surgeons are able to make
look alike that is acceptable for almost all individual patient. Single hair-implant has the supreme and softest appearance. It is surgical and creative ability and is very significant to do it right, so it is ability which requires planning and consideration.

When we look in hair of regular person we can see plenty of single hairs in the front. Micrografts are small implants, that have to be placed behind frontal hairline to make progressively growing hair. At the end minigrafts contain 4 or more hairs, and all together they are making natural look of the hair.
Terminology and techniques which are used by surgeons are distinct because of that the surgeons are innovative and they use new techniques. Even though there are different techniques the mixture of them is the best for most natural and satisfying results.
Maybe it is allowed to tell that there are no side-effects of hair transplantation surgery. It is the case because they are negligible and they imply little of pain and distress after the surgery, swelling which may move down to the eyes. The outcome of modern hair transplantation is very well known and
satisfying so the patients usually go home with a smile.
Thanks to male hormones, most of men will
advance male pattern baldness
up to 40-45 years old. Because of the process of aging the whole surface of head has thinned hair.

Developing of loosing hair as well as wish for more concentration, results in more and more hair transplantation each year. As the science and nowadays techniques make possible for hair transplant surgery specialists to transplant higher number of implants and enable decreased number of procedures in operation of transplantation of hair.

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