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Losing hair is a very uneasy processfor all people, female as well as male. Regardless, it happenswithout warning and it is, in most cases, permanent unless ifsurgically implanted. Loss of hair is often connected with age but itcan take place earlier in life caused by stress, genetics, nutrition or many other factors impacting one's everyday life. With hairloss comes the loss and decrease of self-esteem as well as feelingyoung and capable. Hair absence does make people look older but,generally, psychological factor is the main cause of the loweredconfidence levels. There are many medications said to restore hairand there are various wigs which can be worn to create an illusion ofone's hair. However there is also a very effective plastic surgerycalled hair implantation which is by far the most effective cure forthis condition.

Procedures and techniques

As mentioned above, there are many hairtransplantation as well as hair implantation procedures. Most popularnowadays is the so called micro hair transplantation. The hair rootis removed and in its place a number of special micrografts areplaced making the newly implanted hair looking much more natural thanany other procedure may prove to be. Anesthesia is applied during theprocedure, since it can last for several hours and may be prolongedto more than one visits to the doctor. There are few types ofanesthesia which can be applied depending on the procedure itself.The entire “operation” is done at the surgeons office or at thehealth care facility.

In the past, hair plugs, whichrepresented round bundles of hair placed onto the bald spot of thehead, were used. Nowadays, these are considered obsolete and varioustypes of grafts are used instead. Grafts can either be singular withonly on hair root or there can be several in one graft, with morehair implanted.

Risks during procedures and the healingprocess

Even though the surgery is madepainless because of the anesthesia, there are some risks during thecourse of it. Some people may be given an inappropriate dose ofanesthetics thus causing numerous heart and other problems. Also,certain individuals may be allergic to some of the substance theanesthetic may have. Most side-effects, however, appear during thehealing period. Pinkness of the skin, pain and irritation, crustingand even scars may be shown on the surface of the head skin. In somerare cases swelling causing infections or even forming a cyst in thehair root may be possible. In these cases, additional surgicalintervention is a must.

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