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Massageis a relaxation therapy technique which has been practices in Indiaand the Far East for centuries now. So then it is no wonderthey've got so many varieties of it, and that it is seeded so deeplyinto their cultures. But of all the Asian massage techniques, theones which share the throne in the western world would have tobe

Thai massage

Asian massage and


Althoughit's old now, it is also noteworthy to mention that the westernpublic has also recently (as of the sixties, onward) becomeincreasingly interested in:

yoga and

pilates and

other holistic types of meditation/exercise.

TheVarieties of Asian Massage

Theroots of Thaimassageare in India. This type of massage makes use of

guided stretching

Meridian pressure point therapy and

pranayama (which is an ancient breathing technique that boosts the immune system, and assists in focusing).

Duringthe course, these breathing techniques are used to relax the musclesof the body, as well as stimulate and strengthen the nervous system.During the massage, the focus is cast on two points:

the fact that there are energy channels which flow throughout the body, and

the different body muscles.

Thistype of massage also incorporates elements of yoga, which makes itall the more enjoyable. One of the results of this would be a morefocused concentration and more effective oxidation of the blood.

“Tuina”,that is to say the 5000 year-old Chineseacupressure technique,involves applying pressure to some of the critical points of thehuman body. It's somewhat a tougher massage technique, but the benefits make it worth it: the activation of self-healing abilitiesof the human body, among other things. Other benefits includetreating:

back pain



weight management issues

anxiety, and last but not least


TheJapanese Shiatsu(approx.translation: finger pressure)has its roots seeded deep in Japanese philosophy. This massagetechnique involves energy rebalance, physical well-being by means ofapplying pressure to certain parts of the body using the palms,thumbs and fingers.

Acupressureis a technique similar to acupuncture, where fingers in the formerare used similarly to needles in the latter. Many different bodyparts are affected by this technique.

Itsgoal of massage therapyis to assist the body to heal itself, as well as enhance the health andthe person's general well-being.

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