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Fertility clinics in Eastern Europe and Russia often offer expertise and high success rates, at a lower price than fertility clinics in the United States or in Western Europe. Receiving fertility treatment in Russia is not just an option for Russian women. Many couples looking for cheaper options find the thought of undergoing the treatment that will give them the chance to become parents abroad appealing, as do those who are in need of egg donors and have difficulty locating one in their own country. If you are looking into Russian fertility clinics, how should you find the best one?

Unless you speak the language, it can be extremely difficult to navigate your way around Russian fertility clinics even on the internet. Language and logistical problems not only make it difficult to find any clinics at all, but makes finding a clinic that is reputable and not engaging in any unethical practices very hard. What should you take into account if you are looking into receiving fertility clinics in Russia?

Locating clinics

If you are already in touch with a fertility clinic in your area, asking if they have contacts with reputable clinics in Russia is one way to go about finding a good clinic. Finding a list of clinics on the internet, and then researching them individually, is another option. Then, there is a limited selection of Russian fertility clinics with American accreditation. Remember that while a good website is certainly a sign of professionalism the clinic that offers the best website might not offer the best medical care.

Questions to ask

Once you have found a fertility clinic, or several, that you want to interview, what are the questions you should be asking? Apart from statistics in relation to their success rates for your particular procedure, and any of the usual questions (see how to choose a fertility clinic?), you will also want to ask about the clinic's credentials, where the doctors studied, and how long the clinic has been in existence. If you are using a Russian egg donor or surrogate mother, you will need to exercise particular caution in ensuring that there are no unethical practices going on. Asking to talk to previous (foreign) patients that were treated by the clinic is also a great way to get a realistic picture of your treatment and the clinic itself. And if the clinic can't comply with such a request, you probably know enough!

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