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Black Bowel Movement

Black bowel movement is the subject of this article and wewill see what causes this problem and how can you treat it. Black bowelmovement is actually black colored stool and this medical condition can bedetected by a change in the color of stools. Improperly digested food can be detected with adark yellow stool, but stool color change is a symptom and not a disease ormedical condition. Black bowel movement is mostly developed due to unhealthynutrition, but there might be other possible causes and we will see which they are.


Blood is the reason why the stool becomes black in color and when people seethis, it raises a lot of distress. This can suggest intestinal problems, so youneed to act. There are several reasons why black stool is created and the firstto mention is gastroenteritis, or the stomach flu. Stomach flu is mostlydeveloped due to intestinal infection and this happens mostly because of eatingadulterated foods. This condition causes a lot of pain due to the inflammation ofthe gastrointestinal tract. Stomach flu, which affects both intestines andstomach, may cause ulcers and bloody diarrhea. Next possible cause isinternal bleeding, mostly caused by broken blood vessels. Blood cannot bedistributed in the usual way once the blood vessels are broken, and the blood missing from the blood vessels makes a tarry and black mixture.Know that life is in danger if you are having bloody diarrhea, so visit thehospital the minute you notice this problem. IBD, or the inflammatory bowelsyndrome, can cause black bowel movement. This intestine inflammation irritatesthe wall of the intestines and makes it red in color, and in some cases, thewall of the intestines is damaged by the ulcers created by the IBD. Digestionof food is a process with which inflammatory bowel syndrome interferes andimpairs the proper nutrient absorption. Last possible cause we will mention inthis text is diverticulitis, and this is a large intestine disease, which causesinfection and swelling of the diverticula, or the pouches. Diverticulitis is a diverticulainfection, which causes abnormal skin growth, mostly among adults, and it alters the large intestine structure. Bleeding from the rectum and pain can also accompanythis disease, but this happens only in more serious cases. Due to everything mentioned,black and tarry stool can be produced by the bowel movement. Digestive issues,such as food indigestion indicated by yellow stool, can be eliminated with exerciseplan and other changes of the life habits. But the black bowel movement is a bitmore serious problem and must be treated as soon as possible.

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