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Most men over fifty, at times suffer from gout. This is an extremely painful condition as it attacks the joints, mostly in the toes but can affect the elbow or knee joints as well. The pain level is difficult to compare as some patients state it is the worst they have ever experienced. Pain killers have little effect but iced water does help to alleviate the pain somewhat. The most important issue is to prevent an attack of gout in the first place by following well laid out diets that will maintain or lessen the levels of uric acid that concentrates within the bloodstream especially, the joints.

Symptoms of Gout

Gout can start very quickly, normally in the joint of the big toe. It starts with a redness and swelling with the pain level escalating very rapidly leaving the individual distressed and at times unable to walk. Sleeping also becomes a major issue due to the pain. If a poor diet has been maintained, then the uric acid levels in the blood rise, which then leads to urate crystals forming around the joints. Bad diet is one contributing factor to contracting gout but other issues can also start it off. If your purine levels are high in the blood then this chemical substance will metabolize which in turn produces high uric acid levels. The other factor could be a faulty kidney function. You would need to consult your doctor regarding this in the first instance. Now we know how gout can start we can prevent much suffering by making sure we follow proven gout diet plans to ensure the uric acid levels do not increase.

An Overview of Diets

There are of course certain types of food products that have high levels of the substance known as purine. Once identified, we can avoid them from our daily diet. Secondly, by eating foods that actively reduce the levels of uric acid in the blood will effectively reduce the chance of a gout attack. Thirdly, people who are overweight tend to be the victims of gout over those people who are slimmer. Therefore controlling weight and working to actively lose excess fat from the body will in its own way reduce the changes of an attack. Lastly, the advise is, keep fit no matter the age, you need to do something. It has been proven that people who follow a sensible diet allied to some form of fitness level have healthy and happy lives. So much for preaching, now let’s look at these foods to help you.

What Not to Eat

For those people who have recurring attacks of gout then reducing the purine levels in the blood are paramount. Therefore you must avoid foods like anchovies, sardines in any type of sauce, herrings whether fresh or tinned in any kind of sauce. Meat extracts like processed hams or chicken. Scallops and any fresh meat especially beef, lamb, brain, liver and kidney. Bread and any other wheat based products. Cauliflower, asparagus, spinach and most importantly all forms of alcohol. Lastly, please expel mushrooms from your diet.

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