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What is a Joint?

Apart from health in general one should pay attention to his/ her joints and keep them strong and healthy. These are useful tips which can be successfully applied and protect joints from possible damage due to certain injuries or some diseases including arthritis.

A joint is actually a connection between bones. It functions together with the surrounding tissue making it easy for a person to perform bending movements. Some joints are more flexible than the others. The joint contains cartilage, synovial tissue and synovial fluid which is a lubricant that allows the movements without additional friction. The cartilage is in elderly people usually damaged due to aging process and injuries and trauma are the leading causes of cartilage damage in younger people.

Healthy Tips for Joints

Apart from taking care of the joints one should also pay special attention to surrounding bones, muscles and ligaments. All of these body parts work synergistically and the damage of only one of them results in improper functioning of joints.Healthy Joints and Normal WeightIt is clear that obese people suffer from arthritis more than people with normal weight. Some joints such as knees, hips or joints of the back have to carry most of the body weight and there is no surprise why they are commonly affected in obese people. The best prevention is maintaining of the optimal weight as this way the joints will stay healthy and arthritis can be successfully prevented.Exercise for Healthy JointsIncreased physical activity may be beneficial for joints and it will additionally help in reduction of extra weight. The most suitable exercises include those that do not burden joints too much. Swimming or cycling are rather convenient. Even those people who work a lot and sit in their offices all day long may get up several times during work and do some light stretching.Stronger Muscles- Stronger JointsMuscles support joints. If the muscles become stronger they will successfully maintain the strength and health of the underlying joints. Certain exercise may lead to stronger muscles. One should pay attention and carefully build the strength of the muscles since overstrenous activities may result in damage of the joints. It is, therefore, important that a person is familiar with how much force his/ her joints can handle.Perfect Posture for Healthy JointsStanding and sitting straight are protective measures for joints. These postures can be beneficial for both, back joints and back muscles. When lifting heavy objects one should be rising from squat position as this position will prevent spine injuries.Protection of Over-Exposed JointsIn all those activities, that are repetitive and which may result in damage of the joints one should be wearing protective equipment and safe gear. These protective objects can be efficient in prevention of injuries or trauma.Healthy DietBones and joint can receive proper supply of nutrients if one is eating healthy. Stronger bones and healthy joints require certain foods and these have to be taken on regular bases. Calcium is essential for healthy bones. Vitamin D is good for both, bones and joints. Sufficient amount of vitamin C can be mighty protector against osteoarthritis. And finally salmon is an excellent food for joints as it provides with calcium and omega-3 fatty acids.

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