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It is a well-known fact that pregnancy should come in a woman’s life as soon as possible. Unfortunately, today’s living in most cases simply does not allow woman to get pregnant in early twenties.


In western civilizations and in developed cultures in other parts of the world, getting pregnant in an early phase of life is usually not welcomed. This is due to fact that college has to be finished and some proper and regular job found. This takes time and even when a woman starts with a job, she does not want to think of the pregnancy right away. The good thing in all this is that pregnancies after the age of 30, and even forty have good outcomes. Medicine has progressed enough so that everything that might go wrong and can be prevented is prevented. And there are various diagnostic procedures for early discovery of some problems with a baby, so certain steps can be taken.


Unfortunately, going through painful miscarriage (also known as spontaneous abortion) is something that a lot of women experienced. As the female body ages, the probability of something going wrong increases. Sometimes, even a small stress is more than enough for a miscarriage to happen. Usually, it is some sort of physical trauma, so usual recommendation for pregnant women is to rest and do not exert themselves physically. Even without a trauma, if there is something wrong with the fetus, woman’s body might recognize that and reject it. Going through miscarriage might include some pain and the problem might occur if the fetus did not leave the body through vaginal bleeding. Fortunately, this does not happen too often and some women are not even aware of being pregnant.

The other problem that rises is psychological in nature. Miscarriage might be very hard, especially if the pregnancy was planned and expected. Even though at the point of miscarriage the term baby still cannot be used, it is embryo or fetus, that is not easily explained to a woman, even when she is fully aware of the situation. Some women even tend to subdue to depression because of this problem and that might decrease the chances of getting pregnant again. In those moments, all possible help and support should be pointed to a woman in order to help her overcome the gravity of the situation. After miscarriage, it is said that couple of months are needed to pass before attempting to get pregnant again although it is something that differs from case to case.

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