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Miscarriage, also known as a spontaneous abortion, is the loss of a pregnancy prior to 24 weeks of the gestation. In this period, the embryo or fetus is not developed yet and incapable to survive. The first trimester of pregnancy is considered to be the high risk period in which miscarriages are the most common. There are a lot of different types of miscarriages and different ways of coping with this highly unpleasant and painful experience.

Recovering from miscarriage

Women often completely recover physically in a very short time. Certain scientific studies have revealed that conceiving within six months of a miscarriage does not pose a greater risk of another miscarriage. However, the general recommendation is to wait for at least six months before trying to conceive again.

Psychological recovery of women often takes a long time. There are a lot of negative emotions involved in a miscarriage. For almost half of the women psychological distress is an immediate effect of miscarriage but for the other half stress is a post-traumatic experience. Approximately 25% of women experience psychological distress after 3 months, 18% of them after 6 months and 11 % of women may feel the psychological effects of loss after one year after miscarriage.Conceiving after miscarriage

There is no right time to try to conceive again, after the miscarriage. The recommendation to wait for a couple of months is focused on giving the body a chance to recover and strengthen in order to increase chances of healthy pregnancy. The waiting period is good for strengthening the uertus and endometrial lining. The prognoses are quite good. As many as 85% of all women who suffered one miscarriage have carried a healthy full-term pregnancy. If women had two or more miscarriages, her chances to carry a healthy pregnancy will be somewhere around 75%.

The most disabling feeling associated with conceiving after miscarriage is a fear of having another miscarriage. The fear may often blur one’s plans and wishes, affect negatively the sexual desire and put a couple under a lot of stress.

Tips to conceive after miscarriage

The common advice is to wait and let the body recover for some period. It is not unusual for many women to have a strong urge to get pregnant again, as soon as possible. However, woman’s body will benefit from recovery, especially if she lost much blood.

It is important to discuss with a health care provider about the reasons of miscarriage and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Well balanced diet, reduced alcohol intake and quitting on tobacco, are the easiest ways to restore health and prepare for a new pregnancy.

Once the woman gets pregnant again it is crucial to stay relaxed and optimistic. Woman should get enough sleep and a daily rest. However, it is important to monitor for the warning signs of miscarriages and react on time if they occur.

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