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Having a baby is one of the most important roles in a human life. Even though it might seem that the instinct for continuance of the species is not that strong these days, it is not true. It is right next to instinct for self-preservation. When it comes to right age for women and men to have a child, it is true that men have a bit of advantage, because they can create a healthy child even if they become really old, while pregnancy for women becomes risky after the age of 30. It has to be said that this age limit has been moved because of the way we live, so it is quite common for a woman to have a first child after the age of 30. This is easily done because of the advancement in medicine, including gynecology.


Unfortunately, things are not always going according to the plans, meaning that miscarriage can happen easily and it is true that it targets more women who are a bit older. There are many factors that can cause some problems, which might lead to miscarriage. For example, a light physical exertion can cause this, so it is recommended for pregnant women not to lift anything heavy, if anything at all. Only walks are generally allowed and recommended for pregnant women. Also, there might be some problems with the tissue in the uterus, tube uterine etc. The position of the implant might be completely wrong and also there might be something wrong with the fetus. There are some genetic anomalies that can cause all sorts of malformations in the fetus and sometimes the organism of the pregnant woman rejects that fetus. Also, there are diagnostic methods that can easily establish if there are some similar problems present, so required actions might be taken. Sometimes even stress can cause miscarriage, so mental distress must be avoided too.

Trying again

Trying to conceive after miscarriage is welcomed and this is a natural thing to do for a couple. It is essential for some time to pass after the miscarriage, in order for both physical and emotional wounds to heal. But it is also important to establish the true cause of the problem in order to avoid possible future problems and for the next pregnancy to go smoothly. Also, both woman and a man must go through the series of lab tests for determining the source of the problem.

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