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This article deals with the problem of the miscarriage. Inmedicine, miscarriage is known as a state when a woman who is carrying a babygets a spontaneous abortion. This mostly happens between 7th and12th week of pregnancy, but in case that it happens after the20th week, then it is diagnosed as a pre-term delivery.Miscarriage isn’t so rare; in fact, a great majority of women have had amiscarriage at least once in their life. The causes of miscarriage can be abirth defect or genetic abnormalities. Other possible reasons for miscarriageinclude infection, hormones, mother’s physical problems, the position of afetus in a womb, and the age of a mother.

Symptoms of a miscarriage can be easily recognized. If a pregnantwoman is having a vaginal bleeding, or a low abdominal or back pain, cramps ina stomach or some tissue or a clot like material is coming out of the vagina,she should immediately contact her gynecologist. During a miscarriage, somechanges in a woman’s body occur. Such bleeding is in fact dead fetus coming outof vagina and it may last up to 10 days. If it happens that the entire tissuewasn’t expelled from the uterus, then a surgical removal of dead fetus isnecessary. In most cases, if a miscarriage occurs in the fist three months, itis not followed by any complications, and in a short period of time, a womancan get pregnant again.

As we have already said above, an incomplete miscarriage demandssurgical intervention. In the case of an excessive bleeding, a medicalattention should be required as soon as possible. Infection is also dangerous,because it may lead to severe complications, so it is important to spot it ontime, since it is easily treated with antibiotics then. Miscarriageusually brings depression to mothers, and it is also one of the complications.It is hard to imagine how a mother must feel after losing her baby, and anxietyand stress disorders are very frequent after the miscarriage. Since miscarriagecan easily lead to post-traumatic stress disorder, it would be helpful to visita psychologist and talk to him about the loss. However, if a woman has moremiscarriages, then there must be some deeper problem, and testing for possiblecauses should be done. A miscarriage can bring Asher man’s syndrome that ischaracterized by scaring and adhesion in the uterus that can lead toinfertility.

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