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Mice are known to be terrible pests while infesting your home. They are hard to get rid of and are persistent in their mischievous actions. Many use poisons and different chemicals in order to get rid of them. However, after dying by being poisoned, the dead mice may be hidden somewhere in your house, and you may not be able to locate it and remove it from the property. Additionally, in time, the remains may cause unpleasant odor which is an additional problem by itself. Rather, you might use many different natural ways to get rid of mice while avoiding all the drawbacks chemicals and poisons have.

Get Rid of Mice Naturally

Peppermint oil and mice, as well as any other rodents, simply do not go together. Wherever there is peppermint scent in the air, there are no mice around. That being said, it is highly recommended to place cotton balls with this oil applied on them to any places where the mice are likely to enter your dwelling. Additionally, you can even plant peppermint in front of your house, or near the possible entrance spots of the above mentioned little pests.If you yourself do not prefer the smell of peppermint, maybe closing all the holes and tiny entrance spots on your house physically may do. Use some hard materials, cut them to adequate length and width and secure your house from the tiny impostors.

It is a well-known fact that mice fear snakes and cats the most. Bearing that in mind, place either cat or snake poo on the spots where you think mice will try to enter hour house. When a mouse feels the scent of its enemies, it will rule out your house as a possible attack spot. You can get cat litter from anyone who has a cat, while for the snake poo you might have to visit animal shops, zoos or similar locations.

Now, if you care not for the health of the mice intruders, there are more harmful ways of dealing with them. Firstly, you can use an anti-mice beeping device, which emits a sound at a frequency extremely annoying to the rodents, making them flee instantly.

However, for more extreme cases, you might use traps. There are two types of traps. There are those which kill the mouse once it has been caught, either by physically injuring it or by electrocuting it, and those which catch the mouse alive. Now, by choosing the one which you prefer, you can choose the destiny of the little rodent, either expelling it from near your house or sentencing it to death.

Finally, bear in mind that a clean, tidy house has nothing to offer to the rodents. Thus, by taking extra care of your dwelling spot, you ensure the absence of mice in it.

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