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Wasps are very important insects for this planet. Namely, they are used to maintain balance regarding the biological pest control. However, due to the fact that wasps have stingers and that their stings are quite painful and capable of causing severe redness and irritation, many people would want them eradicated. There are ways of killing wasps naturally. Nevertheless, before you do something like this, think twice, since you will be killing a crucial part of nature at the same time.

Getting Rid of Wasps Naturally

The main cause of every human-wasp issue is the fact that these insects create nests near houses or in the very perimeter of one’s dwelling. Then, especially during the summer, wasps may attack anyone who gets near their nest. In this case, you may want to get rid of these insects in a most humane, natural way, without using chemicals or other means which are unhealthy for the environment as well.

Before You Start

You need to make sure you have several things taken care of, knowing the weak spots of “the enemy”. Firstly, wasps are most inactive during colder parts of the year, especially during nighttime since then their vision is severely impaired. Once you take action, make sure you are well protected against these insects by wearing thick, long-sleeve and sting resistant clothes and covering every inch of your skin.

The Tactics for Getting Rid of Wasps

The first thing you need to do is to fortify your home, preventing wasps from entering. Find wasp holes in the ground, and isolate all holes on your house through which these insects may enter.

Once you have done this, take a mop bucket, add four tablespoons of dish soap, mixing it with one and a half quarts of water. This is all you need in order to keep wasps at bay. Pour this solution directly into the nest. You are best to attack a nest from a distance, splashing the solution over it, retreating immediately afterwards.

Alternatively, you can take a water gun, fill it up with kerosene or diesel and spray the contents on the nest, running away as soon as possible.

Finally, you may create your own wasp traps. All you need is a bottle with a narrow neck, soap solution or kerosene, a bit of fruit jam and a sticky tape. Cut the bottle in half at the point where the narrow part is connected to the wide, lower part. Then, take the upper part, put something sweet on the neck, turn it upside-down and place it in the lower part. Secure the whole contraption with a tape and fill the lower part with kerosene. Place the trap near a nest.

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