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Everyone has established their own unique way of getting rid of pesky flies. The red fruit flies are probably on the top ten most annoying and many people use the chemical spray to liberate their home from them. However, there are more natural, healthier ways of achieved the same objective.

Why Do You Get Fruit Flies in Your Home

First things first, find out why do those pesky flies invade your home. Unfortunately you probably won’t want to read this next fact. Well, you see, that beautiful fruit bowl you have on your kitchen side or coffee table may be one of the problems. The fruit fly will detect it and lay around six hundred eggs on a piece of fruit that is fermenting and after a week those six hundred eggs become adults. The infestation appears to happen within the blink of an eye.

The Steps to Take to Remove Fruit Flies

Firstly it’s recommended that you go around and check the sealant on all your windows and screens. If you have a bin outside your home it is advisable to try to keep the lid firmly closed at all times as it’s a treasure of fermenting foods. That rule can follow on to this rule which is empty your household bins regularly. Endeavor to keep your kitchen clean, the fruit fly as well as other breeds of flies just adore sweet tasting things. After cooking clean your surfaces with a bleach product. The last thing you want in an infestation of egg laying flies in your kitchen where you prepare food for your family. Pantry’s are a great, quiet place for egg laying and the discovery of fruit hidden away so try and use your fruit rather than allowing it to sit in the cupboard for too long period. Dampness attracts fruit flies, so keep clean and dry places like the drain in your kitchen.The Natural Methods of Discouraging Fruit Flies

One of the fruit flies favorite meals is fermenting fruits and vinegar. So try putting a half filled jar of vinegar out with a small funnel thus allowing the fruit fly in but not out. Another option to try is using an odorless jar with pieces of banana in it and use some cling film over the top so it is completely one hundred percent sealed and then put a few small holes in the top, funny thing is the fruit fly will go in but won’t go out.

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