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The most embarrassing situations is when gas and gas pain appear when we arein the middle of some meeting or when we are accompanied by many people. Therefore,even though the occurrence of gas or passing flatus is not a serious condition,it can cause a lot of embarrassment for us.

Every person in the world has gas and gas pains, and every health personpasses gas minimum 12 times a day. However, there are people who have problemswith excessive gas and gas pains, which further lead to the occurrence of severepain in the abdomen.

Symptoms of gas and gas pain

Passing gas can be voluntary and involuntary, and the gas can be expelledfrom the body either through belching - though the mouth, or on the otherside, though the anus as flatus.

The gas pain occurs in the abdomen and it can be so very severe that is can be sometimesmistaken for heart disease, appendicitis or gallstones. Abdominal crampsand abdominal distension or bloating are some of the symptoms that usually goalong with gas pain.

A doctor should be consulted when the gas is so excessive and accompaniedby several other serious symptoms, which prevent the person from leading a normallife.

Causes of gas and gas pain

The gas accumulates in the lower intestine tract when we swallow it while weeat and drink, as well as when we are nervous or chew gum. Furthermore, the gasis also a byproduct of the bacterial breaking down of the carbohydrates in thesmall intestine. Furthermore, the consummation of the foods high in fiber, such as fruits, vegetablesand whole grains, as well as drinking of carbonated beverages causes theforming of the gas in the stomach.

Excess gas is also a symptom of many medical conditions like Crohn’sdisease, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis and constipation as well. Antibiotics, excessive use of laxatives and the body’s intolerance tocertain substances are also potential causes for the formation of the gas inthe stomach. When all these above mentioned culprits lead to the excessive gas formationand when the person cannot expel the gas out of the body the, the pain occurs.

Remedies for gas and gas pain

There are a few effective home remedies that can successfully relieve thegas pain. The solution of two spoons of apple cider vinegar mixed with a glassof warm water is highly recommended. Furthermore, the person with gas painshould massage the stomach with fennel oil or drink a solution of baking sodaand warm water.

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