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Obesity is one of the biggest health problems of the modern world. There are lots of people, who have a problem with being overweight, but some people are having too many extra pounds and these people need to get back into shape and lose some weight in order to prevent various health problems. There are lots of ways people can achieve that but following a certain diet plan is considered to be the best, along with exercises. In addition to this, it is good if a person ate smaller portions of food throughout the day. Experts agree that portion size is quite important. A lot of people believe that they can eat anything what they want if they exercise regularly but that is not entirely true. Every person needs to make sure that he or she eats healthy.

Why are oversized portions bad?

First of all, a person who eats large portions will consume a lot of calories. This is especially not good for those who want to lose weight. In comparison to some earlier years, portions have drastically changed. According to certain researches, soft drink portions have increased by 62% and French fries by 57%. When buying some of the products it is important that a person reads the label and sees how much it weights.

Reasons why people are overeating by increasing the portion sizes

It is not uncommon for people not to be able to explain why they are consuming larger portions of food. According to the experts, there are several reasons why that happen. One of the more common reasons is the label on the product. For instance, a bag of chips that has got a label that says low in fat and there is 50% more chips on top of that. In this situation it is hard for a person not to buy it if he or she craves for it. If a person does buy it, he or she should at least keep to the normal portion. A lot of people believe that a little extra will not hurt because it is low in fat.

Another pretty common reason is a bigger plate to serve the food.

Using a the common sense and sticking to normal portions

Every doctor will advise people to consume five smaller meals throughout the day. It is important that these meals include all the needed nutrients like protein, vegetables and fruits. Talking to a doctor before making a new diet plan is always good.

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