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Lung Fungal Infection

The name for this problem is aspergillosis. It can spread to other parts of the body and cause significant damage. The problem is mostly caused by the invasion of fungus and it begins by inhaling the fungi from the genus aspergillus, which produces the problem. Even a non-serious lung fungal infection can become complicated and lead to problems like invasive aspergillosis, which can be lethal. It usually spreads to other organs and blood vessels.

It is very hard to avoid this fungus in order to avoid the lung infection problem, because it can be located anywhere around us and even in the food we eat. If we have a strong immune system, it will destroy the fungus when it enters the body, but if the immune system is weakened for some reason, the fungus will survive and reach the lungs. It will start to grow and grow until it begins to produce problems.

Symptom of Lung Fungal Infection

The problem that we are talking about, can sometimes be present without making any physical symptoms, but they will certainly be present when the problem becomes great and dangerous. They are chest pain, breathing problems, fever, severe coughing and many others. A problem like severe coughing is connected with the spreading to the blood vessels, along with the blood vomiting. As we have said, this problem has to be treated so that it does not spread. Problem that can be experienced after spreading of the fungal infection to other organs include liver and kidney failure, shock or delirium

Diagnosis and the treatment

An x-ray is one of the sure options that will help in diagnosing of the problem. Other option is the CT scan, which will help to see if the fungal infection is present in the lungs. In some cases, biopsy can be necessary. With the use of rhinscope or bronchoscope, a sample of the fungus will be taken and examined. The symptoms require a proper and effective treatment. The prompt treatment can be most effective, with the use of anti-fungal medications. There are some medications that cannot be used in the same time with the anti-fungal ones. Do not take anti-fungal medication if fungal ball or internal bleeding is present, because for this situation, embolization is needed. As we have said, avoiding the fungus is nearly impossible. We are much more vulnerable when the immune system is compromised. This happens when we have any disease. So, try to lead a healthy life in order to have a strong immune system.

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