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Chronic sinusitis usually appears as a direct consequence of infections such as the common cold, and it causes pain and tenderness, nasal obstruction and discharge. Some of the drugs, medicines, and techniques like nose drops and inhalations, provide aid in draining the sinuses. Antibiotics, on the other hand are mostly used for bacterial infections. If antibiotic therapy does not help, open passages surgery for drainage may be required. When having those bacterial infections in mind, what should be known is that some of them can be, and are, caused by fungus. Despite the fact that, in the most of the cases, the treatment that regular sinus infection requires may do the job, it is recommended to use the medicines especially designed to ameliorate this kind of sinusitis.

Symptoms and treatment

Fungal sinusitis often manages to evade doctor’s eye and be disregarded as something not serious, but this is due to the fact that it belongs to the group of rarely occurring conditions. Nevertheless, there are certain symptoms that are typical for this condition – frequent fever fits (lasts no more than 5 days approximately), feeling fairly weak and sick, and sore throat which seems as if its never going to leave you (main cause of it is oral thrush). In the case one of these symptoms, or all of them are present for an extremely long period of time, and stubbornly refuse to go away even after they have been treated with specialized medicines, then it is high time to pay a visit to your doctor. The fact is that fungal organisms are present everywhere around us, but it is also known that they are powerless when confronted with a hale and hearty immune system. It is those that have a weaker immune system that are at the greater risk of coming down with fungal sinusitis. Also, yet another initiator of this sinus related condition is being allergic to fungus themselves, because if this is the case, the best way of treating is if the areas surrounding it are cleansed of all the allergens present there. In order to keep this infection as far away from your body and sinuses as possible, it is essential to always be in control of inflammations, to drink plenty of water and other fluids and keep your sinuses unclogged as long as possible. In addition, quite useful and effective are also various decongestants, which not only aid in treating the overall infection symptoms, but also ward off infections and make sure they do not reappear in the course of one’s life.

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