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Fungi triggers fungal infections, and spores reproduce fungus. But fungi itself are not pestiferous while disease coming out as the result really is. The treatment of the fungal needs to be done because the infection can come up again and contaminate someone else. But even if fungal yeasts is not that dangerous, it exhausts body resistance to other infections.

How It Works

Fungal infection makes spores on skin and infected skin has flakes, while flakes has spores. And if other skin contacts spores, there is a possibility to build up a new fungal infection.

Fungal infection can be passed on and walk on places where people can have infected fungal skin. Any public places really, places like shower boot, swimming pools or sauna are places where fungal can strike up. Flakes can live on animals too. Horses or family pets can pass on fungi on human.

Different Infection

There are different infections, infections like fungal skin infection, fungal oesophagus or mouth infection, fungal vagine infection, internal organs infection or Athlete's foot.

1) - Internal Organs Infections

Aspergillus fungi affects lungs and internal organ infections. And if the immunologic system is weak this infection can be fatal to life. These fungi are often on deserted storages and construction places. It also may appear on cane furniture, furniture covers, household dust or old wallpaper. The air-conditioning system in hospitals are sometimes fill with Aspergillus fungi, and many patients have been contagious with Aspergillus fungi while being in hospital.

2) - Vagina Fungal Infections

Disruption in the vaginal flora creates vagina fungal infections. There is a dominant bacteria always present in vagina mucosa, that causes dysfunction and triggers vagina fungal infection. But 'cocci' spherical bacteria is far more serious. Vagina mucus membrane is acidic pH and if vagina is not acidic enough, caused by overdoing with soap or sperm can decrease acidity even more and at that moment 'cocci' spherical bacteria may spread on.

3) - Fungal Infections of the Mouth and Oesophagus

Fungi is a usual resident of mouth and oesophagus flora and usually are in order with other microorganisms. But if resistance of body is low after bad flu or chemotherapy it is necessary to get treatment with immuno-suppressant drugs. Any immune system diseases including AIDS are having first symptom of immune system down and that is a mouth and oesophagus fungal infection. A mouth fungal infection in the mouth can be less serious after the denture fixture. Also, there is Candida, another mouth fungal infection that babies often get. Candida is often with adult women as well and can be found in vagina as well.

4) - Athlete’s Foot

Athlete's foot is a common fungal infection and is located in between toes and is really contagious. Sometimes sharing towel is just enough. This bacterial infection is unpleasant because of the bad smell. The symptoms of Athlete’s foot are inflammation, soreness, blistering, skin that dies off and peeling off the skin between toes.

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