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We will focus on this problem associated with the eye discoloration. These freckles are far less popular than the ones appearing on the skin. These eye freckles, the ones we are talking about, are created in the eyeball and they look like moles or spots. The most popular color is gray, but they can also be yellow or brown. The skin over the eye can become very thin so that it even looks transparent. The area of the eye that is covered by such skin is very prone to the creation of eye freckles. Although this problem is very serious, the alteration of color, size or shape will have to be reported to the doctor so that the condition can be brought under control and be monitored. This is very important since problems like tumor or cancer can be developed due such benign problem as eye freckle. The eye freckle is formed by clustering of pigment cells that are responsible for coloring the eyes. These pigment cells are located on the choroid, which is a membrane located on the eye retina. Due to this, the name choroidal nevus stands for the eye freckle.

Symptoms and Causes

They are very hard to detect since they rarely produce any problems or symptoms. Fluid leakage can happen in some cases, but the problems will not be detectable until it becomes great. Flashing lights, distorted vision and loss of vision suggest a tumor. The probable cause of the eye freckles is direct and excessive exposure to the sun, which is why wearing eye protection is advised. The exact cause of the eye freckles is unknown, but the problem may appear in adults, children or it may be present from the birth.


Only certain instruments can be used in order to detect the eye freckles. They are not visible with the naked eye, so the instruments have to be used. Fluorescein angiogram is a test that is done in order to detect the characteristics of the eye freckle. During the test, the back of the eyes are photographed after the dye is inserted into the bloodstream. This will give idea about the state of condition of the blood vessels, it will provide information if there is a fluid leakage and about the freckle's thickness. There are no safe procedures that can eliminate the problem. There are two options that can be done and they are laser eye surgery and radiation therapy. But, they may be a good idea since the tumor can spread to the surrounding area if the surgery is not preformed. But the eye freckle will need no kind of treatment if the problem is not malignant. Just know that a tumor is created due to eye freckle rarely and not every eye freckle problem becomes a tumor problem. Go to your doctor on regular basis, on every 3 or 6 months, follow given advice and there should not be any problems.

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