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Characteristics of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are a common condition which many people develop sometimes in their lives. Created from minerals and acid salts, which crystallize from urine, this condition may be very painful and unpleasant. It manifests through pain at lower back, culminating with the transfer of the pain down to the groin area. This condition is usually not treated, as with certain lifestyle changes the stones are likely to be expelled from organism.

Possible Causes of Kidney Stones

First of all, the very proneness to this condition may be inherited. Namely, if there has been a history of this condition within your family, there is a high likelihood that you too may have kidney stones developed. Moreover, once you experience them once and get rid of them, they are likely to be formed again somewhere in the future.

Secondly, the most endangered group of people when it comes to possibility of developing kidney stones, are men who are older than 40. Additionally, dehydration is one of the most common causes of kidney stone development. Therefore, people should drink enough water, especially, those who sweat a lot, or spend most of their time in a dry environment. This will prevent the development of kidney stones.

Besides drinking, people should pay more attention to what they eat. Often, the main reason behind someone's kidney stones is a diet high in protein, sodium and sugar. Also, malnutrition or, more specifically, being obese, increases chances of developing this condition greatly.

Finally, certain diseases and conditions may have kidney stones as their side-effects. Therefore, urinary tract infections as well as some others tend to result in this condition. Also, some surgeries done upon one's digestive tract may cause imbalances causing the creation of kidney stones.

Means of Prevention

Along with avoiding dehydration and paying attention to diet, there are several more things to be done in order to prevent this condition.

Regarding nutrition, you need to make sure you limit your animal protein intake. Rather, get proteins from nuts and legumes. Do not take any calcium supplements. These may trigger the creation of kidney stones. On the other hand, naturally obtained calcium is completely healthy and causes you no harm. Avoid chocolate, soy, spinach and other types of food rich in oxalate.

Finally, there are numerous medications your doctor may prescribe you for these purposes. Therefore, it is best to seek adequate medical advice in order to have the types of your kidney stones diagnosed. Afterward, you may be sure you will be using the correct medications for your condition.

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