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Blood Pressure Lowering Foods

In order to educate yourself about the foods that can help you if you are suffering from a high blood pressure, read the following article. There are many foods that can lower the blood pressure, which is a very common problem and very dangerous. It can cause many further problems such as the stroke, heart attack, or kidney damage and failure, but the fact is that this problem can be monitored and controlled, since it responds to the nutrition.

Food List

First, blood pressure can be affected if you are eating food with high levels of potassium, because some studies state that high blood pressure is the result of low levels of potassium. One of the studies took sample of urine from 3000 people and discovered that, the lower the level of potassium the higher the blood pressure. Foods that are rich in potassium are prunes, bananas, cantaloupe, fresh figs, guava and papayas, as long as fruits are concerned. Swiss chard, pinto beans, spinach, avocado, winter squash, yam and lima beans are vegetables rich in potassium, but you should also consume halibut, yogurt, cod and snapper. Another good food is pomegranate juice, which can be beneficial on the problem of severe blockage of the carotid artery. For these cases, one ounce of this juice needs to be consumed during a day. When buying this fruit, which gives results in 20% of high blood pressure cases, look for the one without filter. You can also consume garlic or take garlic supplements, or beta blockers, since they will reduce blood pressure. In one study, results showed that significant beneficial effect can be seen after 12-23 weeks of taking from 600mg to 900mg of beta blockers supplement. Next food that is beneficial for the high blood pressure is extra virgin olive oil. Some say that the ability of the diet to decrease the blood pressure can be a result of regular use of this oil. One study which was done in Italy stated that extra virgin olive oil, if taken daily from 3 to 4 tablespoons, can reduce the number of medications for high blood pressure to a half. You can harden the olive oil to margarine if you put it in a refrigerator, and use it in this form. One study showed that a number of systolic and diastolic can be reduced if dark chocolate is used. This study used small amount of dark chocolate and no white or milk chocolate were used during this study. Dairy product with low fat levels can prevent the problem of high blood pressure. A study came up with a number of 11% less chances of developing the problem in cases of those who do eat low fat dairy products.

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