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Eat Smart-Sleep Great

The fact that we are greatly influenced by what we eat is incredibly true. Namely, our diet defines our behavior, as well as our overall well-being throughout our lives. Thus, by eating right, we are sure to be healthy and function properly. However, many people do not pay attention to the type of food they consume, nor to the time when they consume it. This may be critical for their health. Gastric reflux and heartburn are just some of the common problems of improper diet. When our body cannot cope with the food adequately, its enzymes cannot perform the job they are supposed to do, causing the previously mentioned problems, along with many others. Therefore, one needs to know how, what and when to eat, in order for him or her to get the most out of their sleep.

Diet Advices

As suggested above, timing is of the essence. Having that said, you should not eat anything two hours before you go to sleep. Also, make sure your dinners or bed time snacks are light so that they do not present too much for your stomach to digest. If you go to sleep before your digestive system processed the food, your body temperature will rise, causing you discomfort and interfering with your sleep. Make sure you create your own optimal dinner snacks, enabling you to sleep adequately and effectively. Bear in mind that a cup of milk before bedtime relaxes you and puts you in an excellent sleeping mood. Also, if you tend to wake up after sleeping for only a couple of hours, you might be suffering from low amounts of blood sugar. Then, make sure your dinner has carbohydrates. These are found in cereals, wheats as well as chicken.

Sleep Friendly Food

There are certain types of food which enable you to sleep better, due to the substances they possess. Therefore, in order to stimulate your sleep hormones make sure you consume meat, cheese, eggs and milk as well as nuts, during your everyday diet. Fish and beans are recommended as well.

Additionally, if you try to fall asleep and fail, eat something sweet like cereals, ice cream, chocolate or honey, in order to provide your organism with carbohydrates, stimulating your drowsiness, and sleep craving.

Finally, if you happen to cease a good night sleep sooner than you want, eat a banana, drink a cup of warm milk, or some peanut butter and nuts. Go back to your bed and enjoy the rest of your well deserved sleep.

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