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What are fever blisters?

There are not that many people in the world who do not know what fever blisters are. Fever blisters are also known as cold sores as well. It is important to know that cold sores are blisters which are known to occur on the lips or around the mouth. The cases where blisters occur in the throat or in the nose are not that common but are possible. The blisters are filled with fluid and in most cases erupt. People should not mistake fever blisters for crank sores because they are not the same disease. Crank sores are known to always occur inside the mouth. Every person who had cold sores knows that they do not just cause a lot of pain but are also not a pretty sight. Cold sores usually last for a period of 10 days and tend to go away on their own but people should treat them in order to speed to healing process. It is also important to know that a certain virus called herpes simplex virus 1 is the cause of cold sores and that it is highly contagious and that is why people need to be extra careful around people who already suffer from fever blisters.

How to apply manuka honey to fever blisters?

People who suffer from fever blisters are always looking for various ways to treat the problem. There are a lot of possible remedies and applying manuka honey is only one of them. In order to use manuka honey as a remedy a person should simply apply it directly onto the blisters. The honey is good due to the fact that it acts as a slight anesthetic and numbs the cold sores. A person can apply manuka honey up to 6 times per day and that will drastically speed the healing process.

What causes fever blisters?

The main cause of fever blisters is a virus called herpes simplex virus 1. A person who has it may experience an outbreak of blisters at any time. However, people should know that there are certain triggers that make the blisters outbreak more often like stress for instance.

How to prevent fever blisters from recurring?

If the balance in the system does not exist, a person is more likely to experience the outbreaks of blisters. People need to know that there are a lot of ways to restore the balance. Making certain changes in the diet and lifestyle are usually needed. It is also important that the immune system functions properly.

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