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People need to know that every person can end up suffering from cold sores. The age does not play a role as people of all ages can succumb to the infection. However, cold sores or fever blisters are a lot more common among children than they are among older people.

According to the data, every fifth child will be infected with the virus that is known to be the cause of fever blisters. The name of that virus is HSV-1. Parents should know that there is no difference when it comes to preventing and treating cold sores in children and adults.

How to recognize cold sores?

You should know that cold sores are not like other sores. Cold sores are small, red bumps that usually appear as sores on lips. In some cases, the sores can even appear inside the mouth. However, those situations are quite rare. It is extremely rare for the cold sores to occur in the nose but that can happen as well. People need to know that they cause a lot of pain, no matter where they occur. The causes of cold sores in children

When a child or an adult is infected with HSV-1 virus, he or she is highly likely to be affected by sores, since that virus is the main cause of cold sores. There are a lot of causes that lead to a person being infected with HSV-1 virus. Some of the most common causes are sickness, overexposure to sunlight, stress, chapped lips and sharing food or drink with someone who is already affected by cold sores.

Treatment for fever blisters in children

First of all, people need to know that there is no way that cold sores can be healed, since there is no known cure. However, people should be aware of the fact that there are ways they can help lip sores to heal more quickly. The first thing that a parent can do is to make sure that the child is on a healthy and well balanced diet. According to the doctors, an imbalanced diet is one of the triggers of cold sores.

Parents should also make sure that the diet has plenty of foods high in lysine like chicken, beans and fish.When the cold sores appear, applying a moisturizer helps a lot. The parents can also cover the sores with a balm. Children who experience severe pain are usually given ibuprofen.

Prevention Parents should know that there is no way that cold sores can be entirely prevented but there are ways to reduce the likelihood of a cold sore outbreak. Washing the hands and face is essential.

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