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When and why should people use fenugreek capsules?

Fenugreek is an herb that has been known for centuries mostlydue to its medicinal properties, although it has been used as a culinary herbas well. Besides its natural form, today it is can be found in the form ofcapsule, which makes it much more available to those people who may not befamiliar with a proper way to use it. Due to its numerous benefits, there is a wide range ofconditions that can be treated with these capsules and in which fenugreek hasproven to be very effective and helpful. Among the most common cases in whichfenugreek capsules are suggested are:

Diabetes, due to its ability to lower the levels of sugar inthe blood,Heartburn, due to the cooling effect that it has on thebody,Menstrual cramps, due to its ability to relieve pain,fatigue and changes of the mood, andVarious skin problems.

Besides these conditions, fenugreek capsules are also veryhelpful in cases when it is necessary to relieve the pain or inflammation, decreasethe blood levels of cholesterol, induce labor, increase libido, or increase theproduction of milk in nursing women. It also promotes the healing of wounds andskin ulcers.

Are there any side effects?

However, even though these capsules are herbal in nature,they should not be taken without a previous consultation with a doctor, particularlyin cases of pregnant women, or people who already use certain medications,because there is always a possibility that some side effects or complicationsmay be experienced. The effectiveness of certain medications is very likely tobe reduced if they are combined with fenugreek capsules, which can also causeserious consequences in some cases. When it comes to the breastfeeding women,they should be careful about the dosage, because if taken in amounts thatexceed that recommended, there is a possibility that the baby will experienceside effects of fenugreek capsules, mostly through gastrointestinal problems. Somepeople may develop some skin problems (such as irritation or rash, for example) as a reaction to fenugreek capsules, which is why it is recommended to checkthis before starting with their use. On the other side, some may developdiarrhea or gas after using these capsules for a longer period of time. None ofthese side effects is too serious, but it is always better and easier to preventtheir occurrence if possible.

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