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Caraway oil benefits

Caraway oil is a warming essential oil that has sweet andspicy odor, which has been extracted from the dried ripe seeds of the herb also known as Meadow Cumin. It functions as antihistaminic, antispasmodic, antiseptic,disinfectant and diuretic. Due to its numerous beneficial features andmedicinal properties, it can be used for a number of reasons:

to relieve mental strain and fatigue, since it calms thenerves,to aid the urinary system (it helps in flushing out thetoxins and treating the urinary infections, but it also cleans deposits fromthe kidneys and removes uric acid),to aid the digestive system (it has the ability to settlethe stomach, digestion, and help with gastric spasms, flatulence and colic),to clear the respiratory system (it is effective in clearingbronchitis, bronchial asthma and coughs, as well as laryngitis and sore throat),to help with numerous skin and scalp conditions (it is particularlyhelpful in treating oily skin, reducing boils, clearing acne and scalpproblems, healing bruises, cleaning the infected wounds)to increase the quality and the quantity of milk forlactating mothers (baby fed on this milk should not have any problems with flatulenceand indigestion)to keep the heart healthy (since it helps in strengtheningthe heart muscles, maintaining a proper heart rate, preventing hardening of veinsand arteries, and lowering the blood levels of cholesterol and blood pressure).

As an aperitif, it helps in clearing the bowels and withconstipation, while as a diuretic, it is beneficial for those who suffer fromhypertension and those who want to lose some weight. It is also used as an ingredient of many cosmetic products,as well as in toothpaste and a number of medications in order to improve theirflavor.

Caraway oil side effects

The fact is that there are no many side effects when itcomes to caraway oil. It is not toxic, and it is only known that it can causethe irritation of the skin in case it is used in high concentration. However,it is highly recommended for pregnant and lactating women to be careful aboutthe amount in which they take it, or to consider its use once again, becausethis oil is used to start menstruation, which may lead to miscarriage. Diabeticsshould also be extra careful about the dosage, since this oil might lower the bloodlevels of sugar, and from the same reason, it should not be used at least twoweeks before some surgery.

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