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For people that have problems with asthma cough, it is usually recommended to use a bronchodilator regularly to loosen the muscles in the bronchial tubes. These muscles needed to be loose because they put a stranglehold on airways and make it very hard to force air out of them. The most common symptom of this condition is a persistent and chronic cough, usually appearing at night.
However, the same symptoms can suggest pulmonary problems. Asthma cough is very difficult to diagnose. Doctors have a hard time diagnosing it as well when the only symptom is coughing at night. Usually the asthma cough does not produce any mucus and it may come with a wheezing sound at the end of it. It is very persistent and may continue until the person is completely out of breath and gagging, or can even lead to vomiting.
If the person does not have any other symptom of having a cold or the flu, but is still coughing constantly, then it might by asthma coughing. A doctor should be called if such coughing goes on for more than five to seven days. The treatment always depends on what is causing the cough. The treatment for a normal cough should not be suppressing the cough, because whatever is causing it needs to come up and out of the lungs and airways.
However, asthma coughs are usually dry and caused by bronchial spasms and there is nothing to cough up. A lot of doctors believe that the real cause of the asthma coughs are irritants and allergens that have set off an excessive amount of immune reaction by the body. Bronchodilators are probably the best solution because they help the body relax. Also inhaled steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs can be used to reduce swelling and make it easier to breath.
The most important thing is to get the body, especially the lungs and the windpipe and throat, to be as relaxed as possible, because the muscle spasms are what is forcing the person to cough and in order to stop, all the muscles in that area must be relaxed. Herbalists believe that a cup of hot black or green tea with honey before bedtime can help, because caffeine helps with asthma and honey can soothe a dry throat.
Bananas and magnesium-rich vegetables and meats should be eaten too, since magnesium helps control muscle contractions. It is also important to avoid irritants in the air. Things like pets or stuffed animals can bring dust mites and dust into the atmosphere, which can trigger the asthma cough.

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