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Coughing blood in the morning is not a situation which should be neglected. Rather, if this is bothering you, you are highly advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible. This condition can be a sign of many serious illnesses, including infections, inflammations or diseases affecting your throat, sinuses, lungs, bronchus or esophagus.

What Can Trigger Blood Coughing in the Morning?

Most commonly, sinusitis causes coughing blood in the morning. This is, basically, an inflammation affecting your mucous membranes, triggered by an allergy due to exposure to dust, pollen, smoke or other allergens or viral infections like the common cold or flu. This inflammation blocks the sinus drainage and leads to excessive accumulation of mucus, leading to irritation, feeling of fullness in the area, wheezing in the throat as well as coughing up blood in the morning.

The next suspect is bronchitis, which is also an inflammation. However, this one affects one's lung air passages. The main cause of this condition is smoking or long-term exposure to harmful airborne substances. Bronchitis can be acute or chronic, acute being the infection which affects the bronchi or the upper respiratory tract which distributes air to the lungs. This kind of bronchitis results in mucus overload, blocking the air passages. If the lower parts of the respiratory tract get affected by an infection, the condition is called chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, triggering wet cough which makes the sufferer produce overwhelmingly large amounts of mucus.

The same factors can trigger emphysema, being a pulmonary disease leading to chest-tightness, blood in mucus, wheezing and breathing difficulties, among other things.

The Worst Case Scenarios

Lung cancer is one of the worst causes of coughing blood in the morning. Usually a product of long-term smoking career, this terminal illness causes abnormal growth of malignant cells in the lungs. This results in chronic cough, blood coughing, breathing issues etc.

Speaking of bacterial infections, one of the worst ones is tuberculosis. This bacteria attacks the lungs, as well as other parts of one's organism, leading to weight loss, fevers, sweating, appetite loss, chest pain, breathing issues and coughing up blood.

Finally, pneumonia may be triggering the coughing of blood in the morning. Bacteria, fungi, parasites or viruses are responsible for it. Either way, it weakens the immune system, spreading inflammation and fluid accumulation in the lung area.

Whatever the cause of coughing blood in the morning may be, you need to seek medical assistance as soon as this takes place. Timely treatment can keep you safe from potentially deadly escalations of any of the health problems mentioned above.

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