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In spite of being benign keloids are quite a concern for people who have to face with these ugly scars. Keloids develop due to trauma, damage and any kind of manipulation with the skin which jeopardizes its integrity. In people who are prone to keloids the scars which are supposed to accelerate the healing of the damaged skin start to grow uncontrollably and develop in a form of unsightly and large hypertrophic masses. Keloids are generally painless, although they may be itchy and sometimes be responsible for irritation. There are certain treatments which may reduce the appearance of keloids. Unfortunately, the formation of these scars simple cannot be fully controlled.Keloid Removal Cost

There are different ways to deal with keloids. In order to be familiar with the cost of keloid removal one must be aware of many price-forming factors.

For example, the very size of the excessive scar tissue determines the price. The larger the scar is, the higher the price will be. Location of the keloid also determines the price of its removal. It is also essential to take into consideration the experience of the doctor engaged in keloid removal. Doctors who are more experienced may require more money for this type of treatment. The type of surgery is also a factor which determines the final cost. And finally, it is logical that repeated sessions will cost more than a single treatment. Among these factors the one that determines the price of keloid removal most is the type of keloid removal procedure.

Ways of Keloid Removal

Some individuals suffering from keloids may benefit from certain medications. For instance, Imiquimod is used for genital warts but may be also effective in keloid removal. The same goes for several more drugs like 5-fluorouracil, doxorubicin, bleomycin, verapamil and retinoic acid.

One more way of dealing with keloid scars includes injections of corticosteroids. Such treatment includes 4-5 sessions per month. It is estimated that an individual has to spent between 75 and 250 US$ for this treatment.

Cryotherapy uses different substances able to freeze the undesirable tissue like nitrous oxide, carbon-dioxide and liquid nitrogen. This treatment has been used for many years and is considered effective to certain extent.

And finally, the last treatment modality for keloids is surgical incision of scar tissue. The procedure can be performed with a scalpel, electric knife or laser light. There is also a great range of prices depending of the surgical approach (300-800 US$).

All in all, the best thing is to consult the doctor who will recommend the most suitable treatment approach which is supposed to be applied. Patient's budget also plays a significant role but, in general, keloid removal procedures are not so expensive and are affordable for many people.

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