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The saggy eyes and the visiblewrinkles and fine lines around the eyes are the things that make any person lookolder than he/she really is. The eyes look like this since the skin is lesselastic and contains less collagen as we age. There are certain treatment methodsthat can successfully eliminate or reduce wrinkles and saggy eyes, but whatbothers many people is the question of the right choice and whether it is better to use the eye wrinklecream or to choose the eye lift.

Advantages of eye wrinkle cream overeye lift

When one opts to use the cream insteadto undergo the eye lift procedure, he/she only needs to apply the cream everyday and that’s it. On the other side, the eye lift is not considered to be asimple surgical procedure since it may induce certain complications, and possible consequences of this procedure are swelling and bruising. The eye lift alsorequires a period of time for the recovery.

When we apply the wrinkle cream, itis not uncomfortable at all and it does not cause any pain as compared to thesurgery procedure for the eye lift, which cause pain after the treatment andwhich usually requires the use of certain painkillers. After the eye lift procedure, therecovery time is about 10 to 15 days and the sunglasses should be worn, whichcan be quite inconvenient when we compare it to the use of the wrinkle creams, which do not require any recovery time.

A high-quality wrinkle cream shouldbe used instead of choosing to do the eye lift, since in a surgery whichis performed in the region around the eyes these organ may be seriously damaged. If the wrinkle creams are also very effective, there is no need to risk with eye lift. Furthermore, no matter which wrinklecream you buy, it is always much cheaper than the eye lifts, which are tooexpensive, particularly in the view of the fact that with the money spent for an eye lift onecan buy enough creams almost for the rest of the life.

While the eye lifts do not have anyanti-age properties, the wrinkle creams contain antioxidants, which are verygood for the skin since they destroy free radicals that damage the cells ofthe skin forming the fine lines. The effects of the wrinkle creamsare not temporary, but they last for a long period of time, which is not the case whenthe eye lifts are in the question.

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