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Human eyes are very delicate. Even the smallest speck of dirt, dust or any other agent can irritate it or cause an infection. Logically, people who wear makeup must be very careful when applying it to the eyes. In order to keep the eyes healthy it is important to know which types and brands of makeup are safe and which are better if avoided.

How to safely apply makeup

Makeup that is designed for the eyes, such as eyeliner, eye pencil, shades, mascara and others, should always be applied under good light and while standing still, or better yet, sitting down. Putting on makeup while walking or driving is unsafe and can have serious consequences. This is simply because if the hand slips and misses the target, the makeup that ends up in the eye can cause a lot of irritation and potentially an infection.

Makeup should always be applied with clean hands. Products must be applied away from the eyeball and away from the glands that might get blocked. Using saliva to moisten caked makeup is not advisable.

Removing makeup is equally important. Today the market offers special eye makeup removers designed in a way that does not irritate the eyes or causes redness and tearing. Removers should be applied using a fresh cotton ball or cotton swab, with eyes closed.

Choosing safe products

Most makeup products for the eyes that are produced and approved for sale in the United States meet strict safety and health standards and therefore can be considered safe for use. Contaminated products are discontinued until they are repaired or cleaned. Shops take down expired products from the shelves, or at least they should. Still, it might me a good idea to check the label for product safety information and expiration date, just to be on the safe side.

Of course, safety also depends largely on the way a product is used. If it is not used properly or if it is applied well after the expiration date, the manufacturer cannot be held responsible for any eye damage that might occur.

Unsafe eye makeup products

Only products intended for use on or around the eyes should be used. This means that if a makeup item is designed for skin, lips and other parts, it should not be put on the eyes. For example, hair dye must never be used for changing the color of eyelashes or even eyebrows.

Makeup products containing glitter should be avoided because tiny flakes may get into the eye. Caution is recommended when using eye makeup produced in North Africa, Asia and Middle East, such as kohl, because many manufacturers still use lead for kohl, even though it is toxic.

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