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There are many eye cosmetic products that can adorn the eyes and make them more attractive or alluring. Some of them are eyeliners, eye pencils, eye shadows etc. Since the eye can be very sensitive to cosmetic products no matter if they are used for adorning or removal of the eye cosmetic products it is essential to buy only make-up of confirmed quality which is not capable of causing severe allergic reactions and other negative effects. Even though majority of eye cosmetic products are actually quite safe there are certain FDA guidelines when it comes to purchasing such products.

Proper Care of Eye Cosmetic Products

Old cosmetic products as well as those that are not kept properly may harbor harmful bacteria or fungi. So once such products are applied a person may develop an eye infection. The infection is treated with proper medications (usually in a form of creams) while the make-up product responsible for the infection must be discarded.

It is essential never to share eye cosmetic products with other people. This is an easy way of transferring infective agents especially if one is suffering from acute eye infection. Furthermore, germs found in cosmetic products may not be harmful for the owner but still may be able to cause infection in other people who use the particular make-up product. Similarly, the infection can be transferred via testers at retail outlets. In order to avoid potential infection a person should always ask for a clean applicator.

Additional Recommendation

Even though we are in permanent hurry it is not recommendable to correct make-up while riding in a car, bus or similar. This carries a risk of poking the eye, serious damage to the eye and even potential eye infection.

Prior to buying some eye cosmetic products every woman must be familiar with all the ingredients of the product. This is essential particularly for women who have already developed some sort of allergy to cosmetic products. This way such women can prevent an allergic reaction. In the United States there are rules and regulation when it comes to usage of color additives in eye make-up. Several eye colors are not approved by the FDA but can still be found due to illegal usage. For example, kohl is one color additive banned in the United States by the FDA. This additive, on the other hand, can be found in certain products from other countries.

And finally, in case of any bad reaction to a particular eye make-up product a person should consult a health care provider and bring the product as well so that the doctor can investigate the ingredients and easily determine the actual cause of the problem.

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