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Even though there is a variety of cosmetic products which make us beautiful and more appealing to the opposite sex, many of these products can cause eye irritation. Each and every cosmetic product should be tested prior to being released onto the market.

However, no matter how careful manufacturers are, some people are simply allergic to certain ingredients of cosmetic products and may eventually develop eye irritation and associated infections. Also, people who pay no attention to expiration dates may apply old cosmetic products and end up with eye irritation and severe infection.

How to Avoid Eye Infections Associated with Makeup?

It is essential to be familiar with all things that can prevent eye infections and which are related to application of makeup as well as maintaining cleanliness of cosmetic products.

The person is never supposed to use old makeup. Most products that are too old are usually contaminated with certain bacteria. Once these enter the eye, infection can easily occur. So by paying attention on the label one will be fully informed for how long can the specific product be used once it is opened. This basically depends on the type of the product.

If brushes and applicators used for applying makeup are kept clean, infection of the eye will not take place. If these are contaminated or shared with individuals who may be suffering from eye infections, the transmission of infective agents is much easier. Also. if one has developed eye infection, he/she should not use brushes and applicators until the infection is eradicated. Sharing makeup with other people is not recommended simply because of potential transmission of eye infections.

Finally, even though we do not know how some makeup will look on our eyes until we test it in stores, this is not a wise thing to do. Many people use testers and this increases the chances of makeup contamination or spread of the infection if testers are used by people with acute eye infections.

Avoiding Allergic Reactions

People who have developed allergy to certain makeup products are due to check what ingredient of makeup products is actually blamed for this adverse reaction. Once the ingredient is identified, a person may avoid all cosmetic products containing the problematic ingredient.

Most people who are susceptible to allergies may benefit from hypo-allergenic products. These individuals should also abstain from scented eye makeup and stick to all-natural products.

Finally, if you are not sure what to do, consult your dermatologist who may recommend some brands of cosmetic products that may be the most suitable for your type of skin.

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