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"I think I am pregnant what are the tell-tale signs?" is a question I believe every woman will ask herself at least once during her lifetime, regardless of whether she was trying to conceive a baby or not. Perhaps she has missed her period, and wants to know if that definitely means she is pregnant. Or perhaps, she is just impatient and wants the answer to her question right now. Of course there are several tell-tale signs of pregnancy, and though most of them are commonly known, it can be hard to be sure, particularly if you have never been pregnant before. So, what are those early signs and symptoms that tell you that the stork will come knocking soon?

Missed period One of the most reliable early signs of pregnancy is without a doubt that menstrual period that did not show up. Does a missed period mean you are definitely pregnant? No, not always. Some women have cycles that are a bit irregular, so your period could just be late. Stress and some other factors can also occasionally delay a period. If your menstruation did not occur, you should take a pregnancy test, though.

Tender breasts Breasts that feel heavier than normal, and are a bit tender or painful to the touch can indicate pregnancy.

Nausea Morning sickness can, indeed, show up very early on in your pregnancy. Some women start vomiting before they even expect their menstruation. Of course, nausea and vomiting can be caused by other things as well.

Frequent urination If you have been running to the bathroom every five minutes, it is time to pee on a stick as soon as your menstruation is due. Women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy do not hold the monopoly to frequent urination this is, in fact, often one of the very earliest pregnancy symptoms.

Fatigue Last but not least, we have tiredness. Extreme fatigue during early pregnancy is really, really common. Almost every newly pregnant women experiences it. Hormones are hard at work, as is your newly fertilized egg. You are creating a whole new being from scratch. No wonder you are sleepy!

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