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Illness to be wellaware off

When it comes tothose illnesses that most people dread, and rightfully so, colon cancer iscertainly at the top of the list. As a matter of fact, this is the third mostfrequent illness in the United States of America, both in the case of men andwomen. The 2008 statistics have shown that in the years to come there will beas much as 108.070 new instances of this variety of cancer, which is extremelyconcerning to say the least. This further translated into numbers and ratiosmeans that one person in 19 will be at a risk of coming down with this quitesevere illness. Another important fact to bear in mind is that research hasshown that men are at a greater risk than women.

In terms of factorsthat can greatly contribute to the development of colon cancer, the mostprominent ones include, of course, the age (90% of people surpass the 50 years-of-agemark), family history, genetic heritage, varieties of diets (e.g. the ones highin red, processed meats and animal fat), smoking, obesity, type 2 diabetes etc.Having all this in mind, it really does not come as a surprise that more andmore people have put the health of their colon on the list of their top-mosthealth related priorities. The one important question still remains, that being if there is a chance that the cancer variety in question can be effectively prevented?

Healthy colon,healthier body

Though only one ofthe factors for a well founded health, colon that is in “best of shapes” iscertainly something that will provide one with numerous health relatedbenefits. In case a colon is not healthy, nor is kept properly clean, this canbe a direct cause of quite a number of unwanted conditions, those extremelysevere in nature as well. By keeping one’s colon healthy and spotlessly clean,one will enable the bodily organs to get all those essential nutrients neededin order for them to be at their best in terms of functioning.

Prevention andrecommendations

In case a person experiencesdifficulties with digestion, gaining of weight, excess fatigue, bowel issues,stomach related problems, arthritis, diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, chronic constipationone should know that the main culprit is his/her colon. And, as many canalready anticipate the answer, it lies in keeping one’s colon healthy and cleanat all times. This way a person will not only be able to avoid all of theaforementioned ailments, but will also keep colon cancer at bay.

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